Call of Duty Mobile Find Out Entire Maps And Win Every Battle


Action games are always a great part of gaming, and mobile gaming is getting growing at a huge rate because of the action game. Call of Duty Mobile is released in the mobile devices that millions of players were waiting for.

If you love to play an action game, then Call of Duty Mobile is one of the best action games you will play in your mobile device.

It is fully compatible with both android and iOS devices and runs as smoothly in every device. Play with the squad or play solo, everything is available in the game, but maps are a major part of the game and if you want to know about them then just read below –

Graphics and Maps

Almost every player who plays Call of Duty Mobile knows about now it can be that they have heard about it on the internet or played on PC or consoles games, but now it is available in mobile devices.

Every player has choices, and now millions of players are choosing Call of Duty Mobile overt any other game, and it’s the biggest achievement of Call of Duty Mobile.

The graphics of Call of Duty Mobile is exactly realistic, and color with designing of location & characters of the game are on a different level.

In Call of Duty Mobile, many maps are available, and every map is the different and different environments as well. If you are willing to know every deep detail about than you have to play on them, but now I can tell you how many maps are available in the game.

  • Hijacked
  • Firing Range
  • Crossfire
  • Crash
  • Nuke town 2

Win every battle

Playing an action game and not thinking about winning? You’re sure thinking about ways to win because without having the ways, no player can win matches.

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Now, if you really want to defeat the opponents and win every battle and entire match of the game, then you have to follow some important cod mobile hacks and tricks that will help you win.

Some of the ways are written below –

Make a perfect strategy with the team

If you are playing with friends and in the match as a squad, then you has to make strategies as a squad. There are many players in the game that play with the squad but go in a separate solo way and die early.

It’s a tip for you that just are with friends and engage a fight with enemies together and kill them as fast as you can.

Play TDM match

In the TDM match, gamers enhance their skills because, in this, there is no tension about the dying. Players will come back to life after a few seconds to and gain they have to kill the opponent in the same way.

The thing to remember in the TDM match is that players can enhance skills and also make new strategies to kill the opponents because there is no limit of death in TDM.

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