Dragonvale Game Review in 2020

dragonvale game review

DragonVale has not only attracted hundreds of thousands of players, but it has also changed the way we perceive dragons – from ferocious, fire-breathing beasts to cute and cuddly creatures you just can’t get enough of.

Backflip Studios’ DragonVale has players hatching dragon eggs, nurturing and displaying the dragons with decorations on a private island – a simple yet extremely addictive way for players to build their own fun projects and showcase it to fellow players and Facebook friends.

However, DragonVale is not only about feeding and breeding dragons, but it is also about sending them for challenges at the ‘Colosseum,’ a competitive arena in the game. Here are the key features that make this game stand out –

  • Sound and Graphics – The simple graphics and the catchy theme song will transport you to your private world of dragons in an instant, every time you log in. Simple yet extremely appealing.
  • Enough opportunities to grow – Although the game is meant to be a slow burner, if players log in on a regular basis to complete all the level objectives, leveling up by earning XP and DragonCash is relatively easy (especially after the levels 30-35 after which you will have a lot of rare dragons in your arsenal).
  • No Decay – Your DragonVale account will not decay when not used. You can log in after long periods and start from where you left off (the most you will lose is the chance to win additional XP)
  • Time versus Money – The game rewards both time and money equally. Although players always have the option to spend real money for DragonCash, gems, etc. that doesn’t put non-paying players at risk. With patience, any player can reach the highest levels.
  • Game has many dragonvale unlimited gems and coins apk sites which are offering free in game resources everywhere.

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Frequently on the “Top Grossing” apps list, DragonVale is a strong game with a solid fanbase of dedicated Dragon Masters. A must-play for all gamers with a penchant for lore and legends.

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