Monster Legends Hacks & Cheats To Earn Free Gems Gold

monster legends hack

Monster Legends Hack

RPG game with monsters as a principal character is not new in Mobile gaming. But when you get a new monster category every week and the total count is more than four hundred then that claims its domination.

Monster Legends allows you to own all these monster kingdoms and be the master Trainer.

Still, the game mechanics are developed with microtransactions. Du to that Monster Legends cheats are must have to shine in the shade and here are our version of tips.

5 Monster Legends Cheats & Hack For Best Gameplay

1. Use the Elemental Advantage

You will receive hatch lings with a specific elemental affinity. You have to be selective among them which monster you should continue to upgrade. Monster legends have the elemental privilege and following is the Element chart.

monster legends element chart

You need to unlock the primary habitats of each elemental monster as soon as they are available. Primary habitats are of four kind, fire, water, earth and nature and each can contain two categories of monsters.

2. Form team with a strategy

Elemental advantages create a vast difference in monster battle. Never show any affinity towards any particular element. Instead, maintain an average grown of each of them. It will give you comfort in the breeding process as well.

When you have a combination of various kind of monsters, you must be comfortable in creating your team. Monster battles always give privilege to the higher ability monster, and a mix and match in your roaster are highly essential.

3. Foster your monsters

To grow your monster, you have to keep them happy through feeding them. So as you will encounter a large number of monsters, you will require more foods. Food generation requires time and thus has to be optimised in a real fashion such that at no point of time, your monsters are low on food.

4. Breed more and get more

Monster Legends is not only for fighting, but it also has a significant role in the breeding system as well. Breeding two same elemental monster will generate only the same elemental monster. But through a combination of breeding, you will be able to unlock rare category of monsters which are inevitable when you are playing a PvP or battling the boss matches.

5. Play PVP

After a few days of gameplay and connecting your friends, you must be excited to play the PvP matches. We disclose our Monster Legends hack that we found in playing these battles. Start the battle with some of your lower level monsters. After a few moments back out from the game pressing the home button. Come back again and load your stronger monsters in the match. You will receive low-level opponents whom you can knock out smoothly.

How to Collect Gems and Gold in Monster Legends?

Gold and Gems are the two currencies that control all the transaction and Gems are strongest among them. You can collect them in the following ways without using Monster Legends Mod Apk.

Level up by earning experience

Levelling up in monster legends is the consistent Monster Legends hack to get the gems. On each level, you are given gems. At the top of the screen, you will have your level meter that indicates your progress.

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You have to collect XP to increase your level, and there are different means to receive them.

  • Completing each task, you will gain XP.
  • You can get XP when you clear your land.
  • As you invite a friend, you can receive XPS.

However the best Monster Legends hack to collect more XP is to go for clearing your land, removing trees and Bushes.

Fight Bosses on the Adventure Map

Adventure map Battles are an excellent source of XP, and you must use them as your monsters are ready to plat these fights. However, when you are having a rare category of monster, you must play the Boss Battles. The reason is behind its rewards. The Boss battles reward you Gems upon winning them. So use these Monster Legends hack and collect gems.

Clear Meteorites

Apart from clearing the Trees and Bushes, there is another Monster Legends hack for cleaning. Meteorites are the best way to go after since there are possibilities that there might be Gems underneath them. You can collect these gems through clearing these meteorites.

Watch Monsterwood Videos

After you play twenty days, you will receive a great Monster Legends hack. Monsterwood videos are a mine of gems, food relics, Monster eggs, new monsters or golds. All these stuff can be received by watching the promotional videos. When you finish the videos, then log out from the game and log in again.

But when you use Monster Legends hack apk, the opportunity of videos are not available.

Connect with Facebook

Social media connection is an excellent way to protect your game account. Nonetheless, it is a lucrative Monster Legends hack to collect the one-time rewards that are given in the game. Also attracting your friends towards Monster legends through invitation will provide you with additional gold.

Best Monster Legends Cheats to Follow For More Gems

Save Gems For Legends

You can complete tasks through spending gems. But our suggestion is not to use them. Instead, send your monster into an extended job when you are going for a break. You can collect the rewards after you come back.

Spend Gems Wisely

Save gems from collecting legendary monsters in time of sale. Never spend 75 gems for getting a breeding tree instead use Breeding Guardians and save that spending. Through these effective Monster Legends hack tools, you can save a lot of Gems and collect Legendary Monsters.

Builders And Hatcheries

Monster Legends cheats here is not to buy five Builders and five hatcheries till you reach to a decent level. You can achieve the same progress through two of each of them.


When you love playing with monsters, Monster Legends is your staple time pass. Above mentioned Monster Legends cheats are the answer to all your desperation to get game currencies. Get a new monster every week and check back our articles for an updated version.

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