Toon Blast Game Features

toon blast features

Play the most amazing puzzle game with lots of amazing features. Toon Blast is a mobile game that is based on the puzzle category.

The mobile gaming works on-trend, and currently, the majority of players are playing puzzle games, and this is the result that Toon Blast is getting so popular.

The amazing thing in the game is that you can connect and compete with players from worldwide. It’s a multiplayer puzzle game, and there are so many amazing features that developers have provided to play.

Bigger rewards and boosters are available in-game and know all about them in below –

Features to explore

Every game has some features, and on that base total, the game is depending on player play. Having amazing and so many features can lead the game to the popularity, and this you can know after play Toon Blast.

Some important features that developers have provided are below, and many more futures are hopefully released soon –

Complete every level and do challenges

As you know that it is a puzzle game, and there are so many kinds of levels in-game that players have to do, and apart from it, players can also compete with other opponents as well.

Completing levels and compete with opponents have many benefits, and it is that you can earn lots of rewards, and also your experience and skills will increase as well. There are so many levels in-game, and you can compete with any opponent from worldwide.

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Use and advantages of boosters

It is that game like Toon Blast cannot complete without powers, and in Toon Blast, boosters are powers. You can use boosters when you stuck at any level or while competing with any opponent.

Using the boosters is not any kind of cheating because it is a reward in-game, and in high levels of the game you have to use them to complete. Every player who plays Toon Blast uses booster because without using them, you cannot complete some particular levels, which are automatically a loss for a player.

Earn the starts at every level

It is a thing of competition in-game because the player has to get three stars at every level to represent it a perfect win in the level.

Three stars earning is a thing of competition with the game not with any other player, and it is the hardest thing in-game because, at the higher levels, it becomes hard to complete these games.

Get extra lives from friends

you can play the game with friends and take help from them tom play the levels. Make or join the team and request for the lives, and friends or team members can easily give one of their lives to you to complete the levels.

Every player of the game cannot share their lives with others; otherwise, you are no friend of them.

However, features play an important part in every game, and all these features are the reason that Toon Blast is one of a popular puzzle game among so many.

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